Tips For Buying an Equestrian Property
So you've decided that it's time to stop paying board and you're going to get that horse property you've always wanted. There are many important factors to consider when shopping for horse property. Taking the time to "do your homework" and make an informed decision will pay off in finding just the right place for your needs.
  • First decide what your current needs are regarding a home for you and your horses.  Will you need room to expand in the future?
  • Decide on the budget for the initial property based on whether you're willing to build a home and/or barn.  Don't forget to plan on fencing costs.  Are there any existing buildings that can be put to use?
  • Bear in mind that construction takes time and interim housing for yourself is a lot harder if you have horses and dogs in tow.  It is almost always more economical to buy an existing horse property than to build exactly what you want.
  • Decide on where your ideal parameters are.  Do you need to commute to a job?  Do you want to be near rails, a fox-hunt location, or a show horse facility?  If you have a horse sales business you need access to an airport and major highways.
  • Each town and county have different regulations and zoning regarding if and how many horses you may have on a property.  You or your Realtor® need to investigate carefully.
  • The topography of land is important.  Low areas don't make for good building sites or pastures.  However some trees and a creek or small pond make for prettier property.  Property with character will cost more than flat farmland.
  • Think of any special accommodations your horses may need.  What size stalls would be ideal?  Do you need a separate stallion or foaling area?  Do you need hot water in the barn?  An indoor or outdoor riding arena? Hay storage away from the barn?
The bottom line is to find a Realtor® who knows a stall from a paddock.  Ideally this will be someone who has owned horses or has extensive experience with horse properties.  It should also be someone who won't give up when your needs change midstream (as is often the case when you get into hunting for horse property).  Finally the ideal Realtor® would be someone who is dedicated and enjoys what she/he does.
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